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Arrowwood Farms Engagement Session gets washed out. Continues on the side of the road!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

London Ontario engagement photography

When we originally made plans to photograph Rachelle and Chad’s engagement session they thought it would be a great idea to do them at the unique location that they were getting married.   Great idea!  It gave us a chance to see this location since we had never photographed a wedding there.

The day came to meet them at The Harvest Table at Arrowwood Farm just west of London, On.  We drove out despite the weather to meet Chad and Rachelle there with Chad’s Harley Davidson.  When we exited the car not only was it raining but unseasonably cold, very cold.  They were smart and didn’t ride Chad’s bike so we did take some time to look around and do some rainy day engagement photos.  Despite the rain and cold and some messy hair we managed a few nice images.  We made plans to meet again for nicer weather and the bike.  They are below too.


Not too long after, we met up with Chad and Rachelle for the engagement session pt.II.  Beautiful weather and a shiny Harley Davidson.

Yellow Infusion to the Toronto Distillery District

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Toronto Distillery District Engagement Session

In my last post I mentioned that a few weddings stuck out in my head from the our most recent wedding season.  Here is another and our journey together started with Ashley and Geoff’s engagement session at the Distillery District in Toronto.  It was a treat to head there since so many of our engagement sessions are done around the London area.

Ashley, was nearing the end of her medical education when she took time out of her very busy schedule so we had to do something special.  She had the idea of the yellow balloons and shoes and after seeing her wedding, it’s evident it is her favourite colour.  Nice touch Ashley.  The yellow really added some nice colour to your portraits and the Distillery District.  Stayed tuned to see the yellow accents in their wedding.


Ps.  I know you’ve heard this lots before but engagement sessions really are a great way for both your photographer and you to get to know each other before the big day.  A time to talk about how to look your best in photos and to build a relationship that only improves the images that are created.

Bridal Show Survival Guide

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

London Winter Bridal Show

This weekend is the London Winter Bridal Show, January 22 & 23, 2011.

A while back I was reading a blog post written by my  friend Melanie who works at is the best place to buy wedding favours and bridal accessories.  Their selection is great but even better, is their excellent service.  I thought the blog post was very useful for the new bride about to head to her first wedding show.  Wedding shows can be very overwhelming.  Every ten feet wedding specialist want your attention and to offer you their service.  After reading Melanie’s blog post I made a mental note to share this with our brides when it was time for another bridal show.  Below is her post.  Give it a read and if you pick up one good tip then it will be worth it.

Here is a link to her post but I have also re-posted it below. is proud to participate in the London Bridal Shows. As exhibitors- we have figured out ways to simplify the process for us and make the event more enjoyable. Brides will normally only visit one Bridal Show so we have assembled a list of Bridal Show Survival Techniques so that you will be able to handle it all like a pro!

Before the Show:

~Print out address labels so you can enter draws and request information without writing info each time. You will look like a Pro!

~Set up a web-based email address that is wedding specific. This way you can keep this information separate from your personal or work emails. You will want to save all the emails you receive from suppliers so that you have a record of correspondences and receipts etc.

~Have a plan of attack. You don’t need to gather the information from exhibitors whose services you will not need. If you have a limo arranged already- you should tell the limo providers that you don’t need their literature. It will save your arms throughout the bridal show and cut down on waste.

On Show Day:

~Wear comfortable shoes. You will likely receive a welcome package that is stuffed with heavy magazines and by the time you leave the show- you can have 10 pounds of samples and literature in your bag! Try to downsize your handbag before the show or you will have a workout as you browse!

~Listen to Exhibitors: These are the professionals that have committed their time and resources to meet you and they know helpful tips and may have money-saving options to offer you.

~Enter the Draws and Contests: They are free and who knows? Your may even win something fantastic. You will be added to some mailing lists but if you have set up your wedding planning email then the emails will go there and you will have a set of resources on hand in case you unexpectedly need some information about companies and services. Often the wedding professionals will send a follow up email which can contain valuable coupons and tips.

~Be Honest: If you know that you would never hire the services of a specific company- don’t spend much time talking to them.

~Be Assertive: At trade shows, some exhibitors can be rather aggressive- Bridal Shows are no exception. If you feel cornered by someone- you can politely and firmly say that you are not interested and move on.

~Be Prepared: Certain companies collect a deposit on-the-spot. This is common with Tuxedo rental companies. This is designed to make you commit to a specific company. Often they have a very attractive offer that could end up saving you considerable money. Don’t commit to any one company until you have circled the entire hall and checked out the competition. It is not a bad idea to have a bit of cash on hand (or your chequebook) should you want to take advantage of a Show Special.

~Bring a Camera: IMPORTANT: make sure you ask permission before taking any pictures. Cake Makers, Florists and Decorators will not want to snapping a picture of their work and then taking your business to someone else. We sell wedding favours and we don’t mind if you want to snap a shot of a sand ceremony set or a table setting that you like. ( You can also take photos of the Fashion Show.

~Bring a Journal: A Bridal Show is a goldmine of ideas for your event. You may see a bridesmaid dress that you like, hear a great song to include in your reception, see a unique colour scheme or a great way to decorate your tables. Be on the lookout for things that catch your eye and make a note of it so that you won’t forget.

~Who to bring? You want to bring friends and family members who are as pumped about the details as you are. If your groom is not too enthusiastic- leave him at home and bring your Maid of Honour instead. Your future Mother-in-law would probably love an invitation and often Bridesmaids have more fun than the bride! If possible- do not bring children. Children are generally welcome at the shows but with all the breakables and crowds, you will have more freedom if you can focus on the information rather than on babysitting. If you are shy- try to bring someone who is more outgoing and will engage other brides and vendors.

~Bring your Swatches: What a great chance to test out colours. There will be samples of all kinds all in one place. You can show your sample to the tuxedo companies and see find the perfect match without even going to their store. We bring samples of our coloured sand (for the sand ceremony) and you can confirm colours right at the show instead of visiting our showroom. (we have 67 colours and since each monitor displays differently, seeing a sample in person is always better)

~Ask Questions: You have access to hundreds of wedding professionals. Take advantage of their knowledge. Most will be generous with their time and ideas. HINT: During the fashion show, the aisles of the hall may be deserted. This is a great time to engage professionals as they will have a bit more time to help you.

After the Show:

~Create a file of information: Sort through your bag of literature and make notes. You want to be sure to highlight items that really caught your eye. You may have forgotten which cake maker had the fabulous cake of your dreams when you get to this stage. Go through your bag and highlight companies that impressed you. Your file of resources will be a valuable tool over the coming months of planning.

~More Research: After the show you should take advantage of the internet as a resource. Visit the websites of the companies you saw and also check forums for feedback- good and bad. Brides like to talk about their experiences and you can find out if people are posting negative comments about a specific service.

Many Brides find a Bridal Show overwhelming. You will be answering the question “When is your wedding date?” over and over again. Plan to spend several hours wandering and have fun! It is a great way to do weeks of research in a few hours. Look for us at the next Bridal Show!

Free Letterpress wedding Invitations

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Letterpress Wedding Invitation Contest

I recently introduced you to Nicole Sagert and her custom wedding invitation business, Verity Ink.  She is now having a great contest that any bride would love to win.

Letterpress is the most luxurious type of wedding invitation and the embossing created only by a letterpress gives an added touch of class and uniqueness.  Nicole is giving away letterpress wedding invitations to one lucky bride.  Will it be you?

Entries should include:
– A recent photo of you and your fiance
– A paragraph or more of why you think you should be awarded free invitations
– A description of your wedding thus far (the size you’re planning, venue, details that make it unique to you)

Entries can be submitted between today (December 10th) and the end of January, at which time I will narrow entries down to five finalists that will chosen by February first, and then voting will begin. The contest will close on Valentine’s day, at which point the bride with the most votes will be awarded.

The contest rules are as follows:
1. You must live in South Western Ontario.
2. You must be getting married in 2011, anytime after May first (in order to give me enough time to design with you, and for you to get your invitations in the mail).
3. Only one vote per person – and voting will take place on my Facebook page. I will do a separate post for each finalist, and you and your family and friends, and other guests on my page just need to write the word “vote” under your entry.
4. Invitations will be letterpressed, with one or two hits, on Crane & Co. ivory or white paper. They will include a matching RSVP card, and envelopes for both. There is no limit to the number of invitations won – if you are inviting 300 people and you win, you will be awarded enough invitations for 300 guests. Invitation size will be 5×7 inches.
5. You must be willing to let me show your picture, and share your story, on both my blog and my facebook page.

Email your entries to

For more about Nicole visit her site here.

Best of luck and I hope one of our brides win!!!



Letterpress! Alive and well in the Ontario wedding industry | feat’r Verity Ink Invitations

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Letterpress wedding invitations

A short time ago I went to a Wedding Professionals get together at Nicole Sagert’s lovely home in Corunna (right beside Sarnia). As it turned out only a bunch of crazy photographers attended, to Nicole’s delight. (She loves photographers and admits to stalking them and that they are the coolest people)

Along with wanting to meet some new friends in the industry I was mainly there to see her latest business adventure in action. LETTERPRESS.

Nicole owns Verity Ink. Here is a little bit about Nicole from her blog

custom wedding invitations for the sophisticated bride

About Nicole

I have been passionate about creatingnicc2 cards for almost ten years now, and am loving the creativity and perfection required to design custom wedding invitations. I have designed invitations for friends’ weddings in the past and enjoyed the process. I have also successfully sold my cards in a couple of gift stores, and made thousands over the years. It doesn’t get old.

I have diverse interests: I love stamping, and scrapbooking and reading, but also love being on a motorcycle when I can get a ride. I love tattoos, and Halo 3. I enjoy a quiet night in, or the company of good friends. New friendships is one of the perks of a career like this!

I have been happily married for nine years, and have three beautiful children; Judah, Levi and Trinity.

I live in Corunna, only 15kms south of Sarnia, and am loving this new venture of creating custom wedding invitations. It requires a lot of perfection and creativity and it has been a great outlet for me as a work-at-home mom.

Recently Nicole has immersed herself in the world of letterpress. It is an old form of printing that can’t be reproduced by modern technology. So she recently bought a 1910 letterpress in the states and is honing her skills to produce unique wedding invitations and business cards for the sophisticated bride and business person. Here is a little fusion video of my visit to her home. I love how Petro, a London Photographer, was wondering where to insert his memory stick to download the file of his business card. LOL.

I asked Nicole a few questions about what her letterpress machine (they named her FREEDOM) meant to her. In her words, here is what she said…

“I fell in love with letterpress when I was first creating wedding invitations last March. I knew how to create cards, I wasn’t sure I knew how to create an invitation. So I looked online for inspiration, and over and over the ones that I loved were letterpressed. I knew that once I had established myself in the industry, doing letterpress was the direction I wanted to go.
Letterpress is a tactile experience. With cotton papers that weigh more than your average card stock, and text and images that are pushed into the paper, there is a depth to the invitation that cannot be repeated by any other method.

Presses are hard to come by. There has been a renewed interest in them lately, but because of their bulk, and displacement due to offset printing in the last few decades, many presses were scraped.

We found our press due to a very serendipitous and blessed set of circumstances. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be looking this soon in my business venture, but I had a lot of encouragement from a couple of photographers, who had looked for letterpress business cards locally with no success. For something so hard to come by, we actually found ours in the Port Huron museum, only 20 minutes away.

Our press is an Chandler and Price, 12 by 18, and was made in 1910. This 100 year old piece of machinery weighs about 2400lbs, and Brad and I named her Freedom. With the amount of interest in letterpress being renewed, and the lack of letterpress printers in South Western Ontario, our goal is for us to be busy enough in the next couple of years for Brad to be able to retire from his day job, and the two of us to work together at home running Verity Ink.

I love the wedding industry. I love being a part of a bride’s special day. I love being able to bring her vision to life. And I love the hands-on experience of running the press.”


If you need any letterpress work done for Wedding Invitations or Business cards, give Nicole a call. 519.481.0738 or email at  She gets our “Stamp” of approval and highly recommend working with her if you are looking to have very creative wedding invitations or the luxury of letterpress for your wedding or business.

Cheers Trish and Trevor

Aruba Couture Dress Session wraps up with a night shoot in the ocean.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

World Cup celebration ends up in the Caribbean Ocean

Before we headed to Aruba we did lots of research on all the interesting features of the island.  We knew of the caves, the beaches, the California light house, Downtown Oranjestad, baby beach and the city marina.  But we’re not big sports fans so we didn’t even think about the World Cup and the effect it could have on a Couture dress session.  That’s what we love about weddings and new places, the unexpected.

Aruba is one of the Dutch Islands.  Aruba is also just off the coast of Venezuela just north of  Brazil, so you can imagine the excitement the we fell upon when the game that day for the World Cup was Holland vs. Brazil and we were downtown Oranjestad.  Unless we were in Holland, I don’t think we could find more orange soccer jerseys anywhere than there.  Just as we came out of the marina the game ended and downtown interrupted in cheers and orange everywhere. It made for a pretty cool back drop so we start today’s gallery with a couple images from there.  The gallery skips around the island to a session in front of the Sunspree Holiday Inn where we were staying, to the California Lighthouse and the Italian restaurant, La Trattoria – El Farro Blanco that the wedding reception was at.  Finally our day wrapped up in the ocean for a late night time dip.

As much as Tabitha was so beautiful in her dresses and all the locations, we have to give kudos to Adam.  In all our years I have never met a Groom who was so willing to pose and be in love in front of a camera for so long.  I have to admit, it was a long day.  We started at 10:00 am and finshed at 10:00 at night.  Of course we did have a nice lunch and a break at dinner, but it really showed how much he loved Tabitha and how well he understood how much it meant to her.  Well done Adam!

I think these maybe some of my favourite images from the day.  I love the off camera flash technique on the beach, at the restaurant and under water in the night portraits in the ocean (not the pool).

Your Aruba wedding photographers,

Trish and Trevor

Around Aruba with One Bride and Wedding Dresses

Monday, January 17th, 2011

ORANJESTAD wedding photography

When we started off on our day with Tabitha and Adam we first had to drive through the capital city of Aruba, Oranjestad.  The downtown buildings are painted with bright colours that produces a great back drop for our first shoot.  We found a parking spot and fortunately it was right in front of a second storey restaurant that had a few balconies.  The restaurant was right across from marina so did some poses there too.  Tabitha started off in her light and breezy wedding dress and then changed into her more formal wedding dress when we hit the beach.

3 Brides in Aruba = 3 very unique Couture Dress Sessions…here is our third Bride

Monday, January 17th, 2011

RIU Palace Aruba | Couture Dress Session

If you have been following our blog and our week in Aruba from the beginning of July, you have heard the story of how the stars were aligned for Trish and I.  Not only did we photograph the wonderful couple (Tabitha and Adam) that flew us to Aruba to cover their wedding, but while at the resort we met another couple from Toronto (Aileen and Ryan) which resulted in us photographing their wedding.

Well it did not end there!  A week or so before we left for Aruba we had our standard pre-wedding meeting with Michelle and Jeff.  They were getting married the Saturday before we flew to Aruba.  Of course, prior to that meeting on facebook I had been counting down the days to Aruba in excitement  so most of our friends and clients new what we were up to.  Near the end of our meeting Michelle says to us.  “Oh, by the way.  We’re going to be in Aruba at he same time as you guys for our Honeymoon.”  I’m sure Trish and I’s jaws dropped and then huge smiles appeared on our faces.  We couldn’t believe that we would have two brides on the same island (little did we know at that point there would be a third), and as it turned out, 4 resorts away.  Well we insisted that Michelle bring her wedding dress and we would do more photos.

So let me introduce you to Michelle and Jeff.  A very genuine couple and Jeff is a business neighbor of ours.  They honeymooned at the luxurious and architecturally stunning RIU Palace.  We met them for a short session on the beach in front of the RIU Palace one morning and then back that same evening to create some twilight images.  We hope you like them.  The RIU has an infinity pool where the water falls off the edge.  It was a great location to use with the main building in the back ground.

(Their wedding photography will be up soon, but first I have to finish with our Aruba adventure.)

Thanks Michelle and Jeff for bringing your wedding dress on your Honeymoon and being so open to anything.  You guys rocked.

Your Aruba Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor

PS.  Thanks to the the Girls at for sending us to Aruba with the cool umbrella.  It was handy in the bright hot sun and the colour was complimentary to the ocean.