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This is a story about serendipity.

I believe that the connections you make with people, places and events are magical.  As corny as it sounds, (and Trevor laughs at me for this) I have always believed that everything happens for a reason…and the connections that we made during our recent trip to Aruba proved to be a story of serendipity (according to Wikipedia…is a propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated).

Our story started at the Toronto airport…

Connection 1:  (People) – ‘Janice’ – Arriving early at the airport, Trevor and I waited in the line to check our suitcases – eagerly anticipating Tabitha & Adam’s wedding that we were going to Aruba to photograph.  Not unlike Trevor ( a very social guy), he started a conversation with a nice lady behind us in line.  We discovered that she too was heading to Aruba for a wedding – her daughter’s wedding.

Connection 2:  (People) – ‘Anne’ – Again, social Trevor started chatting on the plane with our neighbour – We discovered that this lovely lady is also going to a wedding in Aruba…for her niece.

Connection 3: (Places) – ‘Holiday Inn, Aruba’ – Waiting in line (again) to check into our hotel room, we crossed paths again with Janice – we were surprised to see her at the same resort as us.

Connection 4, 5, 6: (People, Places & Events) – ‘Lunch & Dinner & Breakfast’ – we crossed paths with Janice again and again….keep in mind that this is a resort with literally hundreds of people.

Connection 7:  (People, Places) – ‘the bar ‘– ‘Aileen & Ryan’ – Trev and I passed by the bar to pick up a couple ArubaRebas.  Again, we saw Janice…she insisted on her daughter meeting us and then along came her daughter, Aileen and her fiance, Ryan.  With a sad face, Aileen told us of the photographer that her wedding planner had recommended who photographed her & Ryan in a ‘get to know the photographer/engagement session’ photo session, prior to their wedding (which was only a day away).  With the passion that we have for photography, and people, and photographing their stories of life & love, we offered a complimentary post wedding “Couture Dress Session” to Aileen & Ryan.  We exchanged room #’s and wished them luck for their wedding.  Trevor had also mentioned to Janice that if they needed our help we were available to photograph their wedding.

Connection 8: (Event) – ‘the wedding’  – Aileen phoned our room at 8am, because she decided that she really didn’t have a connection with the local wedding photographer.  She didn’t feel confident that the connection between her and Ryan would be captured if she allowed this photographer to capture the story of her wedding.  She asked us to photograph her wedding!

We met some really amazing people during the course of the day of the wedding, and we thank Janice and Aunt Anne for connecting us to Aileen & Ryan, we thank Tabitha & Adam for booking our services for their wedding and connecting us to the resort in Aruba, and we thank Aileen & Ryan for including us in their special day…

Here are some of the images from Aileen & Ryan’s wedding.  Please Enjoy!

Your Aruba Photographer, Trish

P.S.  –  Take note of the people, places and events in your life – ‘everything happens for a reason’

Ya, ya, ya…  I believe it too Trish, I just like to give you a hard time.

I have to admit I was shocked when the possibility of us shooting a second wedding while in Aruba came up.  Janice was so excited when I told her we were available.  Maybe too excited, because I sensed that she might have been meddling (you know those types of moms) in Aileen’s wedding plans by the look on Aileen’s face as she dragged her and Ryan over to meet us.  I understand.  The wedding was a day away and she was dealing with lots.  Can you imagine being in a foreign country, having 50 guests at the resort and your Mother is trying to get you to meet complete strangers the day before your wedding and telling you that they can shoot your wedding.  Aileen had never seen our work or had any connection with us.  All she knew was that we had nice big cameras.

The day of the wedding came and as Trish mentioned we got the call!  The weather was glorious as usual.  I already had a Scuba diving trip planned that afternoon with our other group so we met with Aileen and Ryan and then I headed out.  Trish got to work soon after 2:oo pm and I joined her 4:30.

Every one got ready at the Sunspree Holiday Inn.  Aileen make up was done perfectly by Jennifer.  This time the wedding was south to Eagle Beach.  This beach was equally as nice and private but was a bit wider and must have been facing a slightly different direction because the sun was in a better position for photos.  We entered to the Caribbean sounds of a steel drum.  The wedding planner, Edwina Werleman, from E2 Events & Celebrations Wedding Services, did a fabulous job at preparing the beach with lots of folding chairs for guests, a very spacious aisle and linen wrapped arch.  Again we ran into our new friend Reverend Robert Gibson of Aruba Eloquent.  He is truly accommodating to the point where he offered to put a portable recorder in his book so we could record his beautiful words and the “I Do’s”.  I don’t know many officiants that would do that and press the record button at the right time for me.  (Thank you Robert)  after the ceremony there was a champagne toast and then photos of everyone.  After sunset, it was back to the Holiday Inn where they had set up a buffet, outdoor dining area and dance floor.  The food was great, and the ambiance tranquil with glowing lights and music.

Thank you Aileen and Ryan for listening to your mother and trusting us to take care of your Wedding Photography.    We are so excited to have met you guys, developed such a great friendship and look forward to working with you and your friends and family in the future.

Your other Aruba Photographer, Trevor

Ps.  Dear Reader…Still wondering if there were any other serendipitous Brides and Grooms in front of our cameras on our trip to Aruba?  You bet!  That story will come later.  Soon we will reveal both Tab & Adam and Aileen & Ryan’s day after Aruba “Couture Dress Sessions”.  It is similar to a “Trash the Dress” but sounds a lot nicer.  Keep checking back.  Until then enjoy Aileen and Ryan’s wedding photos.

Pps.  If you’re a couple looking to book us for a destination wedding and want to see more, check out Tabitha and Adam’s wedding.

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