Aruba Couture Dress Session RUINED!!

Aruba Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins | Couture Dress session

Beauty can be found in many forms.  A beautiful blue ocean, a white sandy beach, a pile of rocks????  Well, the rocks at the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins -Aruba ruins are spectacular, as the random rocks arrange into the patterned building material of the ruin walls.  They are even more spectacular when they are highlighted with a beautiful bride such as Tabitha wearing one of the TWO extra wedding dresses she brought with her to Aruba.

A few days after Tabitha and Adam’s wedding, Trish and I rented a Jeep and drove all over Aruba to photograph Tabitha and Adam in some more interesting locations.  We call this our “Couture Dress Session”.  It’s like a “Trash the Dress”  session but with a more positive feel, no time constraints or the stresses of a wedding.  Although we weren’t too concerned about the dress, we were not out to destroy it.

Here is a tip for Brides thinking about booking a “Couture Dress Session” and don’t want to put your wedding dress at risk.  In Ingersoll there is a wedding gown shop called “Sew Stylish Wedding Works“.  When Tabitha wanted to do a a Couture Dress session in Aruba but did not want to harm her expensive dress, I suggested we check out the lower level of Sew Stylish.  I knew they had dresses down there that were drastically reduced.  I went shopping with her and she ended up buying two extra dresses to take to Aruba.  Why?  Because they were so reasonably priced.  The two dresses we picked out were very different.  One very  breezy and beach like and one very traditional and formal but the best thing was the price.  I believe one was $75 (which you will see featured at another location) and the one, featured in the Gold Mills ruins, was $100.00.  SMART BRIDE!!!   Both were in perfect condition, just old stock but they were perfect for our Couture Dress Session!

Check back soon to see other images from the different location around the island.  The Guadirikiri Caves were incredible.


Your Aruba wedding photographers,

Trish and Trevor

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