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Have you ever been excited for so long it hurts?  Well not physically, but you just can’t wait.   I have.  Tabitha and Adam have. And about 15 other people too that I can vouch for.  Like most weddings they take time to plan.  Normally about a year goes into a wedding.  At the beginning there are the big decisions; the perfect location, who’s attending , the church or wedding officiant, who will be your photographer (I suggest Custom Concept Photography) and about a hundred others.  But that’s all the bride and groom’s job and the guests really aren’t involved.  But when you are planning a destination wedding your guests are involved right from the beginning because they have to prepare too.  Not just show up for the day of the wedding.

Well, what about knowing your going to ARUBA and having to wait over a year.  It’s been killing me and I know Tabitha and Adam, plus their guests, have been excited about this trip for a long time.   So we have gone and are back now and I can’t tell you what a great experience we had.  In the back of your mind you always wonder what it’s going to be like to spend seven days with complete strangers.  We had tons of contact with Tab, and loved her, so we knew all her friends would be equally as great.  And they were.  Our adventure with them started at the Toronto airport and who would have known, that in the line up to check in, where it would lead us over the next seven days.  Stay tuned to the blog to find out what happened.  Right now I’m here to share their wedding day. But needless to say some of our adventure involved a wonderfully meddling “Mother of a Bride” and multiple brides and grooms.

Holiday Inn Wedding, Aruba

Tabitha and Adam choose Aruba for there Destination Wedding.  We all stayed at the all inclusive Holiday Inn Sunspree on the protected northwest side of the island.  The resort was nice and the food was great ( I particularly liked the “Sea Breeze” ocean side grill ).  Try the beef medallions.  MMMmmm….   More importantly the beach was gorgeous and clean with white sand and clear blue water.  The pools were refreshing but unfortunately closed at night.

On the day of the wedding the actual ceremony location was just north of the resort on Malmok beach.   It is a semi private beach since it was away from the resorts.  Indira Maduro from Aruba Fairy Tales, a friendly, organized and attentive local wedding planner, had a simple and elegant bamboo alter/gazebo set up adorned with flowing white linens and palm leaves.  Chairs were set up with the aisle lined with more palm leaves, conch shells, local flowers and lanterns.  The wedding officiant was Reverend Robert Gibson, a warm and relaxing gentleman from Rhode Island who has performed wedding for 14 years in Aruba.  He added a great island flare to his ceremony that made it very unique for us Canadians.  Short and sweet and then a champagne toast and then some candid, formal and informal photos of family, guests and the wedding party.  From there we headed to the northern tip of the island where the California Lighthouse is located.  At that location is the great Italian Restaurant, La Trattoria el Faro Blanco.  Here we captured some sunset images of Tabitha and Adam and then indulged in great Italian food and wine for the the reception dinner.  Surprisingly, Italian cuisine is very popular in Aruba.  El Faro Blanco has a very large patio overlooking a golf course and the ocean.  At night when the sun sets it is the most beautiful, relaxing dining area with the glow of soft lighting and a warm breeze with the moon above.  I absolutely loved this dining experience.  I could have sat there all night.  After dinner a few speeches were said and then back to the hotel beach where guests could enjoy the sound of the surf lapping onto shore, Tab and Adams first dance, drinks, a dip in the ocean and lots and lots of laughs.  What a great night.

Oh! We had lots of fun with a night shot of Tab and Adam with the Wedding Party sending a message of “LOVE” from Aruba.

Thank you Tabitha and Adam for trusting us to capture your  “Story of Love”.  We were honoured to be chosen and had a great time with all your friends.  I’ll never look at a red “Big Gulp” cooler mug the same way again.

Check back soon.  We will be following up Tabitha and Adam’s wedding day photos with a couple blog posts from their “Couture Dress Session” from various locations around the island.  You don’t want to miss them.  This was a day with no time constraints and TWO extra gowns that Tabitha had no attachment to and didn’t care what we did.  And I’m sure you’re curious about the other brides and grooms we photographed while there.

Your Aruba Destination Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor…and we love destination weddings.

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