3 Brides in Aruba = 3 very unique Couture Dress Sessions…here is our third Bride

RIU Palace Aruba | Couture Dress Session

If you have been following our blog and our week in Aruba from the beginning of July, you have heard the story of how the stars were aligned for Trish and I.  Not only did we photograph the wonderful couple (Tabitha and Adam) that flew us to Aruba to cover their wedding, but while at the resort we met another couple from Toronto (Aileen and Ryan) which resulted in us photographing their wedding.

Well it did not end there!  A week or so before we left for Aruba we had our standard pre-wedding meeting with Michelle and Jeff.  They were getting married the Saturday before we flew to Aruba.  Of course, prior to that meeting on facebook I had been counting down the days to Aruba in excitement  so most of our friends and clients new what we were up to.  Near the end of our meeting Michelle says to us.  “Oh, by the way.  We’re going to be in Aruba at he same time as you guys for our Honeymoon.”  I’m sure Trish and I’s jaws dropped and then huge smiles appeared on our faces.  We couldn’t believe that we would have two brides on the same island (little did we know at that point there would be a third), and as it turned out, 4 resorts away.  Well we insisted that Michelle bring her wedding dress and we would do more photos.

So let me introduce you to Michelle and Jeff.  A very genuine couple and Jeff is a business neighbor of ours.  They honeymooned at the luxurious and architecturally stunning RIU Palace.  We met them for a short session on the beach in front of the RIU Palace one morning and then back that same evening to create some twilight images.  We hope you like them.  The RIU has an infinity pool where the water falls off the edge.  It was a great location to use with the main building in the back ground.

(Their wedding photography will be up soon, but first I have to finish with our Aruba adventure.)

Thanks Michelle and Jeff for bringing your wedding dress on your Honeymoon and being so open to anything.  You guys rocked.

Your Aruba Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor

PS.  Thanks to the the Girls at WeddingFavours.ca for sending us to Aruba with the cool umbrella.  It was handy in the bright hot sun and the colour was complimentary to the ocean.

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