Letterpress! Alive and well in the Ontario wedding industry | feat’r Verity Ink Invitations

Letterpress wedding invitations

A short time ago I went to a Wedding Professionals get together at Nicole Sagert’s lovely home in Corunna (right beside Sarnia). As it turned out only a bunch of crazy photographers attended, to Nicole’s delight. (She loves photographers and admits to stalking them and that they are the coolest people)

Along with wanting to meet some new friends in the industry I was mainly there to see her latest business adventure in action. LETTERPRESS.

Nicole owns Verity Ink. Here is a little bit about Nicole from her blog

custom wedding invitations for the sophisticated bride

About Nicole

I have been passionate about creatingnicc2 cards for almost ten years now, and am loving the creativity and perfection required to design custom wedding invitations. I have designed invitations for friends’ weddings in the past and enjoyed the process. I have also successfully sold my cards in a couple of gift stores, and made thousands over the years. It doesn’t get old.

I have diverse interests: I love stamping, and scrapbooking and reading, but also love being on a motorcycle when I can get a ride. I love tattoos, and Halo 3. I enjoy a quiet night in, or the company of good friends. New friendships is one of the perks of a career like this!

I have been happily married for nine years, and have three beautiful children; Judah, Levi and Trinity.

I live in Corunna, only 15kms south of Sarnia, and am loving this new venture of creating custom wedding invitations. It requires a lot of perfection and creativity and it has been a great outlet for me as a work-at-home mom.

Recently Nicole has immersed herself in the world of letterpress. It is an old form of printing that can’t be reproduced by modern technology. So she recently bought a 1910 letterpress in the states and is honing her skills to produce unique wedding invitations and business cards for the sophisticated bride and business person. Here is a little fusion video of my visit to her home. I love how Petro, a London Photographer, was wondering where to insert his memory stick to download the file of his business card. LOL.

I asked Nicole a few questions about what her letterpress machine (they named her FREEDOM) meant to her. In her words, here is what she said…

“I fell in love with letterpress when I was first creating wedding invitations last March. I knew how to create cards, I wasn’t sure I knew how to create an invitation. So I looked online for inspiration, and over and over the ones that I loved were letterpressed. I knew that once I had established myself in the industry, doing letterpress was the direction I wanted to go.
Letterpress is a tactile experience. With cotton papers that weigh more than your average card stock, and text and images that are pushed into the paper, there is a depth to the invitation that cannot be repeated by any other method.

Presses are hard to come by. There has been a renewed interest in them lately, but because of their bulk, and displacement due to offset printing in the last few decades, many presses were scraped.

We found our press due to a very serendipitous and blessed set of circumstances. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be looking this soon in my business venture, but I had a lot of encouragement from a couple of photographers, who had looked for letterpress business cards locally with no success. For something so hard to come by, we actually found ours in the Port Huron museum, only 20 minutes away.

Our press is an Chandler and Price, 12 by 18, and was made in 1910. This 100 year old piece of machinery weighs about 2400lbs, and Brad and I named her Freedom. With the amount of interest in letterpress being renewed, and the lack of letterpress printers in South Western Ontario, our goal is for us to be busy enough in the next couple of years for Brad to be able to retire from his day job, and the two of us to work together at home running Verity Ink.

I love the wedding industry. I love being a part of a bride’s special day. I love being able to bring her vision to life. And I love the hands-on experience of running the press.”


If you need any letterpress work done for Wedding Invitations or Business cards, give Nicole a call. 519.481.0738 or email at verityink@gmail.com  She gets our “Stamp” of approval and highly recommend working with her if you are looking to have very creative wedding invitations or the luxury of letterpress for your wedding or business.

Cheers Trish and Trevor

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