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Wintry Windermere Manor Engagement Session

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Windermere Manor Engagement Photography London Ontario

When we first sat down with Michelle and Jeff to discuss their engagement session we had grand plans to photograph them in the fall at their cottage on Lake Huron.  But schedules and weather changed that for us.  So then they said, “we want to do something different.”  Ok, well in the winter is different.  How many engagement sessions to you see photographed in the snow?  I know it’s not as sexy as on the beach at sunset but it’s different and it was lots of fun.  Looking back at the images I also feel a sense of maturity that truly represents Michelle and Jeff.

Here are their wintry engagement photos.


The Trish Roberts Wedding Photography Colossal Contest

Friday, February 11th, 2011


How to enter:

1. First you must “like” the “Trish Roberts Wedding Photography | London & Toronto” fan page on facebook. Easy to search for in your facebook search bar.

2. Submit a photo of you and your Fiancé with a description of your wedding with all the details (we LOVE details) the more the better.  What makes your wedding special, location, other services you have or are booking, how many people and more importantly the story on how you two met?

Also include, what is it about Trish Roberts Photography that you love and why you want Trish for your wedding.

Email your entry to

3. Lastly, put “I want to win the “Trish Roberts Wedding Photography wedding photography give away.” As your facebook status.  You MUST tag “Trish Roberts Wedding Photography | London & Toronto” in your status.  Tagging is simply done by putting the “@” symbol right before Trish Roberts Wedding Photography.  A drop down list will appear so you can pick “Trish Roberts Wedding Photography | London & Toronto”.  If you have done this correctly  “Trish Roberts Wedding Photography | London & Toronto” will be highlighted in blue. In your status before you hit the share button.

You also may want to take the extra initiative and explore our blog and leave comments on the weddings to increase your chances.  wink, wink.  We love comments.

4.Entries can be submitted from Feb. 11 till Feb. 28. We will then select 3 finalists that will be featured on our Blog and facebook page for all to vote on. Voting will take place between March 1 and March 11 with the winner being announced on the 14th.

Entrants will have to answer a skill testing question.

Good Luck  we look forward to seeing your entries.


-Cannot have already booked Trish Roberts Wedding photography for your wedding.

-Cannot be booked with another photographer.  (We respect other Photographers relationships with their clients)

-Submissions must be from Southern Ontario; Windsor to Toronto.  (But if you do choose to enter an amazing Muskoka wedding, we do have a cottage there or a destination wedding (we’re experienced with those) we might just consider it 😉 )

-Cannot be a date we are booked for already.

-Entries can be submitted from Feb. 11 till Feb. 28. We will then select 3 finalists that will be featured on our Blog and facebook page for all to vote on. Voting will take place between March 1 and March 11 with the winner being announced on March 14th.

-You must be getting married in 2011 or 2012.

-Only one vote per person – and voting will take place on our Facebook page. I will do a separate post for each finalist, and you and your family and friends, and other guests on my page just need to write the word “vote” under your entry. Of course to vote they will have to like the page first.

-The wedding package being given away is for 7 hours coverage and the edited digital files on disc. Trish Roberts and her 12 years of wedding photography experience will be the photographer along with a second photographer.

-You must be willing to let us show your picture, and share your story, on both our blog and our facebook page.

Hula Hoops, Lemons & Smiles in one of our favourite weddings.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Elm Hurst Inn Wedding Photography

Yellow is the colour of happiness.  It’s also Ashley’s favourite accent colour for her wedding and you may remember the yellow in her engagement session.  Ashley has an infectious smile and a heart of gold that both shine in her photos.  She is blessed to be totally surrounded with family and friends who mirror her enthusiasm for life.   Geoff is a gentle soul who looks at Ashley with such admiration and passion.  July 17th was a day truly filled with love, absolute happiness and genuine laughter! By the end of the day, their friends felt like my own – their family felt like my own.  THIS is the reason why I LOVE photography!!!

Ashley’s favourite moment:

“We have lots of favourite moments from July 17th and luckily we have lots of great photos to remember all of them! Definitely finally seeing each other while walking down the aisle was amazing. Even Geoff agrees and he was pretty warm. I think our other favourite moment was our bridal party dance! Our bridal party worked so hard the week before to learn and perfect the dance and it turned out way better than we could have ever imagined! Our bridal party had fun, we had a blast, and our guests were so surprised! We will never forget that moment!

Funny stories:

Again there were so many different moments that were funny but we laughed the most watching people TRYING to hula hoop, so many people are bad at hula hooping! To get Geoff and I to kiss  during dinner our guests had to come to the front and get the hula hoop around their waste 3 times without it dropping! Watching 3 of my uncles get in one hulahoop and run around in a circle 3 times was definitely interesting to watch. Then my mom came up and started making bets, even though she hadn’t hula hooped in years and YEARS, and when she actually did it we were all shocked and laughing so hard that she actually did it – best part is that Trish got a picture of this moment and to see everyone’s facial expressions is great!

Looking back we are SOOO happy with all of our pictures! The candid ones are beyond amazing! But the posed pictures are what I’m writing about. Everyone who sees our pictures are shocked that we went to a storage garage and that the pictures are so fantastic. And then when I tell them that the pictures with the blue background are in front of the Ingersoll arena they are blown away! We told Trish we liked the pics with a colour in the background and she made it happen! So happy we spent that little bit more! Trish is so worth it!

Another thing that made me sooo happy we went with you guys was when I saw Trish at the hospital a few weeks ago, and she was there to take photos of 2 palliative kids. When I met you guys you were both obviously awesome and I was excited to work with you. And throughout the whole wedding experience I was pleased with everything. But then when I found out that Trish gives her time to give these suffering families a beautiful portrait of their child, I was amazed (Trish belongs to an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep). What a beautiful gift to give to someone. It made me so happy that I chose a photographer that is so generous and uses her gifts to help others. Giving back is SOOO important to me and I can’t explain how happy I am that I chose a photographer that does this. I know I’m rambling but I have been thinking about this for weeks and I just thought I should share.

That’s all! I can’t wait until we have a reason to come back and have more pictures taken. Unfortunately it won’t be for a few years, but I’m still so excited!”

Ashley, thank you for such kind words.  You, Geoff and your family were so warm and inviting.  We can’t wait to see you in a few years with your own Baby Bump. Of course maybe Chelsey could get married before then so we can spend another incredible day with your family (hint, hint).  I love how all this started with a family portrait to see if we could do a good enough job.

Best Wishes,


Interested in the details?  We asked Ashley…

Dress: Maggie Sottero
Dress Shop: Taylor’s Bridal Boutique in Elmira
Tuxes: Bud Gowan Formal Wear
Florist: Nicole at Hurley’s Independent Grocer, Ingersoll
Cake: Dee-Lights Bakery & fine foods, Woodstock
Limo: Black Ty
Reception and Caterering: Elm Hurst Inn
Officiant: Jane VanPatter from St David’s United Church, Woodstock
Invitation designer: Me and my mom! Ordered invitation pieces from Used beautiful engagement picture which was included in our wedding package :) and printed everything at Woodstock Print and Litho
Make up: Melissa (hahah that’s all I  know, she worked at Mac Makeup and one of my bridesmaids knew her)
Hair: My hair: my sister! Chelsey (Main Attraction)! The Bridesmaids’ hair: Elissa eckert elliott (Spalutions) and Samantha Vanderwoude
DJ: Ben Lampkin

Like what you see?  Please feel free to leave a comment below, forward to a friend getting married, contact us for your wedding or just say Hi!

Red for LOVE, Red for PASSION…red rubber boots at this Craigowan GCC Wedding

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Woodstock Wedding Photography | Craigowan Golf & Country Club

Last time you saw Rebekah and Erin they were at the Ingersoll Golf and Country Club doing their engagement session.  This time they’re at another golf course in Woodstock at Craigowan for their incredible fall wedding.  And what a great time it was.

Details, details, details.  We love them.  They are the little touches that make a wedding unique and special to the people involved. Check out the invitation.  They had a friend who is a designer (listed below) design a custom monogram for their wedding.  I love it and it is now their own to use for the rest of their lives.  Very cool.

You will notice fun red accents through out the wedding.  Rebekah loves red.  Not only did she have red shoes but she was well prepared for a fall wedding and had red rubber boots for her and her girls too.  If that doesn’t add fun to a party I don’t know what does.

Craigowan Golf and Country Club in the fall is beautiful.  Lush greens, and a vine covered stone foundation that we love to use during wedding portraits.

Beyond all the great details Rebekah and Erin made one big decision to go against tradition and see each other before the ceremony to do wedding portraits.  Of course we did an official reveal so we could catch all the emotions that come with seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day.  I remember when Rebekah and Erin came in for their viewing after the wedding.  Rebekah said that she didn’t cry at their wedding but would probably cry when we she saw the photos.  Well, what a great surprise we gave her when she saw in the photos that she did actually cry at the reveal.  I’ll let her talk about that in her words….

“Our favourite memory of the entire day was when we first saw each other!  To take advantage of outdoor pics and a later afternoon ceremony we ended up doing pictures before the wedding.  Any worries we had about seeing each other before the actual ceremony were quickly forgotten when the moment arrived.  Trish set it up so Erin had his back to the girls as we walked across the grass and our reactions to seeing each other when he turned around was something neither of us will forget!”

A moment like that really emphasizes the importance of having a good photographer that captures all the important moments.  The photos we captured will remind her for the rest of her life that moment in time when they first saw each other as husband and wife and the immense emotions that were produced.

One more event that night wont be forgot…”My sister is very afraid of spiders…  In her Maid of Honour speech she even thanked me saving her so many times in our 33 years together.  At one point between dinner and speeches she happened to glance down on her arm to see the biggest spider we have ever seen!  This may  have been the first (and only) time she didn’t scream loud enough for the whole town to hear.  The spider was trapped in a Vitamin Water bottle to pose for a picture and then we let it go outside.”

We got a picture of the spider too!

Rebekah, you were absolutely stunning on you wedding day.  We had such a great time with you and your family and friends.  Love the red.  I wonder if all our red cabinetry at the entrance of our studio subconsciously made your decision to book us?

We wish you all the best in your life together.


If you would like to know more about the details, I asked Rebekah…
Where did you buy your dress and the designer?  It’s a Maggie Sottero dress from Sophie’s in London
Tuxes?  Tip Top
Who was your florist?  Flowers, decorations and cake were all done by Patzee’s Floral Scapes
Reception site and food? Craigowan Golf & Country Club
Officiant?  Patty Lofgren from Kettle Creek Weddings
Invitation designer?  KOKET designs
Make up?  Ali Morton
Hair?  Nadia Palumbo
DJ? DJ CI (Craig Ingram)

We loved every single vendor we dealt with and are so happy to get some extra ‘advertising’ for them!

Celebrated with lights and sirens

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

I thought I would get this blog post up on our new wedding website before Amber became pregnant.  I guess I was wrong  😉

You may remember their colourful fall engagement session.  I even mentioned … “While talking to Amber and Tyler about their future family, you can’t help but see how excited they are to get married and start a family that I know is going to cherish many summers at their cottage too.”

Congratulations, we are excited for you and look forward to meeting her/him.

Ingersoll Wedding Photography | Amber and Tyler

Amber remembers some fond moments from the day..

“So many amazing memories from that day that it is hard to pick one! For sentimental memories, seeing Tyler and his reaction to seeing me for the first time was amazing, that feeling can’t even be put into words! My best friend serenading us to our first dance was awesome. Oh and when Dad heard Trish tell me to come down the stairs, he decided he wasn’t ready to see me yet and he bolted out the door. When he came back in, he was still avoiding looking at me, until I had to go over to him because I knew he couldn’t do it.
Our fun memories include the whole party! a couple specifically were when My cousins “ICE’d” us, and our family dance circle to my grandpa’s favourite song “Macho Man” by the village people!

My fondest memory of the day was when exiting the church, there parked out front, was a shiny red fire truck.  It was a surprise to me and for Amber and Tyler.  The Ingersoll fire department felt that since Tyler is a volunteer fireman that he and his new bride should be congratulated in style!

The two of you are so in love and I know you’re going to be great parents.  Your wedding was a beautiful celebration of your love for each other.


Want to know more about the details, I asked Amber…

Where did you buy your dress and the designer? I bought my dress at Nicholas & Elizabeth in London on Wellington and Dundas. The designer was Pronovias. I saw it the very first time I went to try on dresses and fell in love with it! I wasn’t ready to commit to it at first, but after dreaming about it and visiting it at the store several times, we (my Mom, sisters and I) knew that nothing else could compare!

Tuxes? Our tuxes were rented from Sew Stylish in Ingersoll, and they were so helpful in matching them to the bridesmaids dresses (which were made by Sherri Turner) and for our fathers tuxes to be matched to the mother’s dresses (which were both bought at sew stylish as well). The day of the wedding, my sister and Trish were helping the guys get put together, when they realized Tyler’s pocket swatch was missing. One phone call to sew stylish and they quickly came up with one and our amazing photographer went downtown to pick it up for us!

Who was your florist? Our florist was Floral Occasions in Ingersoll. Bonnie and her staff were so helpful! I was a very indecisive Bride who knew nothing about flowers. I should them our colour swatches and gave them creative freedom with it. The day of the wedding, I was so happy with my decision to not pick out my own flowers because they were stunning when they showed up at the house!

Cake? We decided to do cupcakes for our wedding and serve them for dessert. We used Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes in London and they were DELISH!

Limo? We used McClay’s limo in town, and they were more then accommodating for our needs.

Reception site? Colombo Club in Beachville. Decorated by Tulle Time in Tillsonburg

Officiant? Father Simard at Sacred Heart Church. The Church was very important/sentimental to us, my parents and grandparents on both sides of the family were married there! (not to mention Aunts and Uncles) and I have done all of my sacraments there.

Caterer? The wonderful ladies of the Colombo Club. They did an amazing job, the food was delish and our guests raved about it afterwards.

Invitation designer? We got our invitations from Sew Stylish as they were 50% off with the tux rentals

Make up? done by Laura Tonin at Roots to Ends

Hair? done by DJ Alexander at Roots to Ends. Roots to Ends was so accommodating to our wedding party, we had 8 girls, 2 mothers, 3 nieces, 2 grandmas and 2 aunts all there the morning of the wedding. We had a blast and felt right at home!

DJ? DJ Ben from town, he kept the party hopping with requests from guests of all ages and the dance floor was PACKED all night!

We honestly had the best time at our wedding. It was absolutely a perfect day. :)

Willow Paper Works features Trish Roberts Wedding Photography

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

There is some thing to be said for good business relationships and working with quality suppliers.  At Trish Roberts Wedding Photography we use a local Ontario supplier for our luxury wedding albums called Willow Paper Works. The quality and service is top notch in our eyes.  Being able to offer high quality products to our clients is extremely important to us and Willow exceeds our expectations!  Not only are their products outstanding, but the owners, Francine and Chris are phenomenal to deal with.  It is easy to see that they care about their clients as much as we care about ours.

We are honoured to have been selected by Willow Paper Works to be featured on their website HERE.

If you’re a photographer and want to know a little more about them, I took this from their Bio page.  But be sure to check out their website.

“Willow Paper Works was created by photographers for photographers. There was a need for a Canadian one stop solution for photographic and press printed production. Willow Paper Works welcomes business from all over the world but is proud to be a premiere Canadian provider of photographic and press printed product.

Willow Paper Works is an online commercial printer servicing professional artists, graphic designers and photographers. Willow Paper Works does not sell to the general public thus all interested parties must be a working professional artist, graphic designer or photographer to purchase from us.

“Willow Believes in doing our part to protect our Planet”

Printing On Recycled Content Stocks and Materials
Ship Products Using Recycle boxes and Packaging Materials
Use Energy Efficient Processes and Procedures

Willow Paper Works uses state of the Art Fuji, Chromira & HP Indigo equipment.”