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Aruba Couture Dress Session wraps up with a night shoot in the ocean.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

World Cup celebration ends up in the Caribbean Ocean

Before we headed to Aruba we did lots of research on all the interesting features of the island.  We knew of the caves, the beaches, the California light house, Downtown Oranjestad, baby beach and the city marina.  But we’re not big sports fans so we didn’t even think about the World Cup and the effect it could have on a Couture dress session.  That’s what we love about weddings and new places, the unexpected.

Aruba is one of the Dutch Islands.  Aruba is also just off the coast of Venezuela just north of  Brazil, so you can imagine the excitement the we fell upon when the game that day for the World Cup was Holland vs. Brazil and we were downtown Oranjestad.  Unless we were in Holland, I don’t think we could find more orange soccer jerseys anywhere than there.  Just as we came out of the marina the game ended and downtown interrupted in cheers and orange everywhere. It made for a pretty cool back drop so we start today’s gallery with a couple images from there.  The gallery skips around the island to a session in front of the Sunspree Holiday Inn where we were staying, to the California Lighthouse and the Italian restaurant, La Trattoria – El Farro Blanco that the wedding reception was at.  Finally our day wrapped up in the ocean for a late night time dip.

As much as Tabitha was so beautiful in her dresses and all the locations, we have to give kudos to Adam.  In all our years I have never met a Groom who was so willing to pose and be in love in front of a camera for so long.  I have to admit, it was a long day.  We started at 10:00 am and finshed at 10:00 at night.  Of course we did have a nice lunch and a break at dinner, but it really showed how much he loved Tabitha and how well he understood how much it meant to her.  Well done Adam!

I think these maybe some of my favourite images from the day.  I love the off camera flash technique on the beach, at the restaurant and under water in the night portraits in the ocean (not the pool).

Your Aruba wedding photographers,

Trish and Trevor

Around Aruba with One Bride and Wedding Dresses

Monday, January 17th, 2011

ORANJESTAD wedding photography

When we started off on our day with Tabitha and Adam we first had to drive through the capital city of Aruba, Oranjestad.  The downtown buildings are painted with bright colours that produces a great back drop for our first shoot.  We found a parking spot and fortunately it was right in front of a second storey restaurant that had a few balconies.  The restaurant was right across from marina so did some poses there too.  Tabitha started off in her light and breezy wedding dress and then changed into her more formal wedding dress when we hit the beach.

3 Brides in Aruba = 3 very unique Couture Dress Sessions…here is our third Bride

Monday, January 17th, 2011

RIU Palace Aruba | Couture Dress Session

If you have been following our blog and our week in Aruba from the beginning of July, you have heard the story of how the stars were aligned for Trish and I.  Not only did we photograph the wonderful couple (Tabitha and Adam) that flew us to Aruba to cover their wedding, but while at the resort we met another couple from Toronto (Aileen and Ryan) which resulted in us photographing their wedding.

Well it did not end there!  A week or so before we left for Aruba we had our standard pre-wedding meeting with Michelle and Jeff.  They were getting married the Saturday before we flew to Aruba.  Of course, prior to that meeting on facebook I had been counting down the days to Aruba in excitement  so most of our friends and clients new what we were up to.  Near the end of our meeting Michelle says to us.  “Oh, by the way.  We’re going to be in Aruba at he same time as you guys for our Honeymoon.”  I’m sure Trish and I’s jaws dropped and then huge smiles appeared on our faces.  We couldn’t believe that we would have two brides on the same island (little did we know at that point there would be a third), and as it turned out, 4 resorts away.  Well we insisted that Michelle bring her wedding dress and we would do more photos.

So let me introduce you to Michelle and Jeff.  A very genuine couple and Jeff is a business neighbor of ours.  They honeymooned at the luxurious and architecturally stunning RIU Palace.  We met them for a short session on the beach in front of the RIU Palace one morning and then back that same evening to create some twilight images.  We hope you like them.  The RIU has an infinity pool where the water falls off the edge.  It was a great location to use with the main building in the back ground.

(Their wedding photography will be up soon, but first I have to finish with our Aruba adventure.)

Thanks Michelle and Jeff for bringing your wedding dress on your Honeymoon and being so open to anything.  You guys rocked.

Your Aruba Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor

PS.  Thanks to the the Girls at for sending us to Aruba with the cool umbrella.  It was handy in the bright hot sun and the colour was complimentary to the ocean.

Aileen and Ryan bring Class and Style to the RIU Palace Aruba

Friday, January 7th, 2011

RIU Palace Aruba | Couture Dress Session

Aileen has an infectious smile, and Ryan has a laugh that rivals that.  They are two people who genuinely love life, adore and respect not only each other but the people they choose to surround themselves with, and appreciate the style & elegance of the finer things in life. It was an obvious and natural choice to take Aileen and Ryan to the most luxurious resort, in Aruba, the Riu Palace, a place which is synonymous with style and elegance to photograph their post wedding couture dress session..  Being in such an amazing location architecturally, and with two amazing individuals in love, beautiful things are bound to happen.  Not only did we capture the beauty of Aileen’s dress, but without the anticipation, stress and time constraints of their wedding day, we were able to really see their love for each other shine.

Rarely have we felt so appreciated at a wedding – being introduced to their family and friends as the photographers who “saved their wedding” was truly humbling.  We were delighted to be able to share our passion for creativity and gift of vision with you.  Thank you Aileen and Ryan, we genuinely appreciate that you opened up your world to us and allowed us to share in your story of life and love.  Being appreciated is one of the best feelings in the world.  Thank you.

P.S.  I encourage you to tell someone today know how much you genuinely appreciate them.



Ps. Brides, if your wondering, Aileen’s unique hair adornment was created for her by Twigs and Honey from Portland, OR.

Pss.  Click here to see their Aruba beach wedding.

Aruba Couture Dress Session RUINED!!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Aruba Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins | Couture Dress session

Beauty can be found in many forms.  A beautiful blue ocean, a white sandy beach, a pile of rocks????  Well, the rocks at the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins -Aruba ruins are spectacular, as the random rocks arrange into the patterned building material of the ruin walls.  They are even more spectacular when they are highlighted with a beautiful bride such as Tabitha wearing one of the TWO extra wedding dresses she brought with her to Aruba.

A few days after Tabitha and Adam’s wedding, Trish and I rented a Jeep and drove all over Aruba to photograph Tabitha and Adam in some more interesting locations.  We call this our “Couture Dress Session”.  It’s like a “Trash the Dress”  session but with a more positive feel, no time constraints or the stresses of a wedding.  Although we weren’t too concerned about the dress, we were not out to destroy it.

Here is a tip for Brides thinking about booking a “Couture Dress Session” and don’t want to put your wedding dress at risk.  In Ingersoll there is a wedding gown shop called “Sew Stylish Wedding Works“.  When Tabitha wanted to do a a Couture Dress session in Aruba but did not want to harm her expensive dress, I suggested we check out the lower level of Sew Stylish.  I knew they had dresses down there that were drastically reduced.  I went shopping with her and she ended up buying two extra dresses to take to Aruba.  Why?  Because they were so reasonably priced.  The two dresses we picked out were very different.  One very  breezy and beach like and one very traditional and formal but the best thing was the price.  I believe one was $75 (which you will see featured at another location) and the one, featured in the Gold Mills ruins, was $100.00.  SMART BRIDE!!!   Both were in perfect condition, just old stock but they were perfect for our Couture Dress Session!

Check back soon to see other images from the different location around the island.  The Guadirikiri Caves were incredible.


Your Aruba wedding photographers,

Trish and Trevor

Serendipity Aruba Wedding | Aileen and Ryan

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Aruba Wedding Photography | Eagle Beach

This is a story about serendipity.

I believe that the connections you make with people, places and events are magical.  As corny as it sounds, (and Trevor laughs at me for this) I have always believed that everything happens for a reason…and the connections that we made during our recent trip to Aruba proved to be a story of serendipity (according to Wikipedia…is a propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated).

Our story started at the Toronto airport…

Connection 1:  (People) – ‘Janice’ – Arriving early at the airport, Trevor and I waited in the line to check our suitcases – eagerly anticipating Tabitha & Adam’s wedding that we were going to Aruba to photograph.  Not unlike Trevor ( a very social guy), he started a conversation with a nice lady behind us in line.  We discovered that she too was heading to Aruba for a wedding – her daughter’s wedding.

Connection 2:  (People) – ‘Anne’ – Again, social Trevor started chatting on the plane with our neighbour – We discovered that this lovely lady is also going to a wedding in Aruba…for her niece.

Connection 3: (Places) – ‘Holiday Inn, Aruba’ – Waiting in line (again) to check into our hotel room, we crossed paths again with Janice – we were surprised to see her at the same resort as us.

Connection 4, 5, 6: (People, Places & Events) – ‘Lunch & Dinner & Breakfast’ – we crossed paths with Janice again and again….keep in mind that this is a resort with literally hundreds of people.

Connection 7:  (People, Places) – ‘the bar ‘– ‘Aileen & Ryan’ – Trev and I passed by the bar to pick up a couple ArubaRebas.  Again, we saw Janice…she insisted on her daughter meeting us and then along came her daughter, Aileen and her fiance, Ryan.  With a sad face, Aileen told us of the photographer that her wedding planner had recommended who photographed her & Ryan in a ‘get to know the photographer/engagement session’ photo session, prior to their wedding (which was only a day away).  With the passion that we have for photography, and people, and photographing their stories of life & love, we offered a complimentary post wedding “Couture Dress Session” to Aileen & Ryan.  We exchanged room #’s and wished them luck for their wedding.  Trevor had also mentioned to Janice that if they needed our help we were available to photograph their wedding.

Connection 8: (Event) – ‘the wedding’  – Aileen phoned our room at 8am, because she decided that she really didn’t have a connection with the local wedding photographer.  She didn’t feel confident that the connection between her and Ryan would be captured if she allowed this photographer to capture the story of her wedding.  She asked us to photograph her wedding!

We met some really amazing people during the course of the day of the wedding, and we thank Janice and Aunt Anne for connecting us to Aileen & Ryan, we thank Tabitha & Adam for booking our services for their wedding and connecting us to the resort in Aruba, and we thank Aileen & Ryan for including us in their special day…

Here are some of the images from Aileen & Ryan’s wedding.  Please Enjoy!

Your Aruba Photographer, Trish

P.S.  –  Take note of the people, places and events in your life – ‘everything happens for a reason’

Ya, ya, ya…  I believe it too Trish, I just like to give you a hard time.

I have to admit I was shocked when the possibility of us shooting a second wedding while in Aruba came up.  Janice was so excited when I told her we were available.  Maybe too excited, because I sensed that she might have been meddling (you know those types of moms) in Aileen’s wedding plans by the look on Aileen’s face as she dragged her and Ryan over to meet us.  I understand.  The wedding was a day away and she was dealing with lots.  Can you imagine being in a foreign country, having 50 guests at the resort and your Mother is trying to get you to meet complete strangers the day before your wedding and telling you that they can shoot your wedding.  Aileen had never seen our work or had any connection with us.  All she knew was that we had nice big cameras.

The day of the wedding came and as Trish mentioned we got the call!  The weather was glorious as usual.  I already had a Scuba diving trip planned that afternoon with our other group so we met with Aileen and Ryan and then I headed out.  Trish got to work soon after 2:oo pm and I joined her 4:30.

Every one got ready at the Sunspree Holiday Inn.  Aileen make up was done perfectly by Jennifer.  This time the wedding was south to Eagle Beach.  This beach was equally as nice and private but was a bit wider and must have been facing a slightly different direction because the sun was in a better position for photos.  We entered to the Caribbean sounds of a steel drum.  The wedding planner, Edwina Werleman, from E2 Events & Celebrations Wedding Services, did a fabulous job at preparing the beach with lots of folding chairs for guests, a very spacious aisle and linen wrapped arch.  Again we ran into our new friend Reverend Robert Gibson of Aruba Eloquent.  He is truly accommodating to the point where he offered to put a portable recorder in his book so we could record his beautiful words and the “I Do’s”.  I don’t know many officiants that would do that and press the record button at the right time for me.  (Thank you Robert)  after the ceremony there was a champagne toast and then photos of everyone.  After sunset, it was back to the Holiday Inn where they had set up a buffet, outdoor dining area and dance floor.  The food was great, and the ambiance tranquil with glowing lights and music.

Thank you Aileen and Ryan for listening to your mother and trusting us to take care of your Wedding Photography.    We are so excited to have met you guys, developed such a great friendship and look forward to working with you and your friends and family in the future.

Your other Aruba Photographer, Trevor

Ps.  Dear Reader…Still wondering if there were any other serendipitous Brides and Grooms in front of our cameras on our trip to Aruba?  You bet!  That story will come later.  Soon we will reveal both Tab & Adam and Aileen & Ryan’s day after Aruba “Couture Dress Sessions”.  It is similar to a “Trash the Dress” but sounds a lot nicer.  Keep checking back.  Until then enjoy Aileen and Ryan’s wedding photos.

Pps.  If you’re a couple looking to book us for a destination wedding and want to see more, check out Tabitha and Adam’s wedding.

Aruba Beachside Summer Wedding | Tabitha and Adam

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Aruba Destination Wedding Photography

Have you ever been excited for so long it hurts?  Well not physically, but you just can’t wait.   I have.  Tabitha and Adam have. And about 15 other people too that I can vouch for.  Like most weddings they take time to plan.  Normally about a year goes into a wedding.  At the beginning there are the big decisions; the perfect location, who’s attending , the church or wedding officiant, who will be your photographer (I suggest Custom Concept Photography) and about a hundred others.  But that’s all the bride and groom’s job and the guests really aren’t involved.  But when you are planning a destination wedding your guests are involved right from the beginning because they have to prepare too.  Not just show up for the day of the wedding.

Well, what about knowing your going to ARUBA and having to wait over a year.  It’s been killing me and I know Tabitha and Adam, plus their guests, have been excited about this trip for a long time.   So we have gone and are back now and I can’t tell you what a great experience we had.  In the back of your mind you always wonder what it’s going to be like to spend seven days with complete strangers.  We had tons of contact with Tab, and loved her, so we knew all her friends would be equally as great.  And they were.  Our adventure with them started at the Toronto airport and who would have known, that in the line up to check in, where it would lead us over the next seven days.  Stay tuned to the blog to find out what happened.  Right now I’m here to share their wedding day. But needless to say some of our adventure involved a wonderfully meddling “Mother of a Bride” and multiple brides and grooms.

Holiday Inn Wedding, Aruba

Tabitha and Adam choose Aruba for there Destination Wedding.  We all stayed at the all inclusive Holiday Inn Sunspree on the protected northwest side of the island.  The resort was nice and the food was great ( I particularly liked the “Sea Breeze” ocean side grill ).  Try the beef medallions.  MMMmmm….   More importantly the beach was gorgeous and clean with white sand and clear blue water.  The pools were refreshing but unfortunately closed at night.

On the day of the wedding the actual ceremony location was just north of the resort on Malmok beach.   It is a semi private beach since it was away from the resorts.  Indira Maduro from Aruba Fairy Tales, a friendly, organized and attentive local wedding planner, had a simple and elegant bamboo alter/gazebo set up adorned with flowing white linens and palm leaves.  Chairs were set up with the aisle lined with more palm leaves, conch shells, local flowers and lanterns.  The wedding officiant was Reverend Robert Gibson, a warm and relaxing gentleman from Rhode Island who has performed wedding for 14 years in Aruba.  He added a great island flare to his ceremony that made it very unique for us Canadians.  Short and sweet and then a champagne toast and then some candid, formal and informal photos of family, guests and the wedding party.  From there we headed to the northern tip of the island where the California Lighthouse is located.  At that location is the great Italian Restaurant, La Trattoria el Faro Blanco.  Here we captured some sunset images of Tabitha and Adam and then indulged in great Italian food and wine for the the reception dinner.  Surprisingly, Italian cuisine is very popular in Aruba.  El Faro Blanco has a very large patio overlooking a golf course and the ocean.  At night when the sun sets it is the most beautiful, relaxing dining area with the glow of soft lighting and a warm breeze with the moon above.  I absolutely loved this dining experience.  I could have sat there all night.  After dinner a few speeches were said and then back to the hotel beach where guests could enjoy the sound of the surf lapping onto shore, Tab and Adams first dance, drinks, a dip in the ocean and lots and lots of laughs.  What a great night.

Oh! We had lots of fun with a night shot of Tab and Adam with the Wedding Party sending a message of “LOVE” from Aruba.

Thank you Tabitha and Adam for trusting us to capture your  “Story of Love”.  We were honoured to be chosen and had a great time with all your friends.  I’ll never look at a red “Big Gulp” cooler mug the same way again.

Check back soon.  We will be following up Tabitha and Adam’s wedding day photos with a couple blog posts from their “Couture Dress Session” from various locations around the island.  You don’t want to miss them.  This was a day with no time constraints and TWO extra gowns that Tabitha had no attachment to and didn’t care what we did.  And I’m sure you’re curious about the other brides and grooms we photographed while there.

Your Aruba Destination Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor…and we love destination weddings.