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Blue Wall 2 ways pt. 1

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Niagara on the Lake Engagement session

This story started half way around the world on a very “Happy Island” named Aruba.  If you follow our blog you know Trish and I were commissioned to photograph a wedding in Aruba last year, Tabitha and Adam.  You will also know that during their couture dress session a couple days after the wedding we visited the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins.  While there a couple noticed the work we were doing and in their words, “Love(d) our attention to detail and style”.  At that point we had not met.  Two days later we were on the other side of the island on the beach at another resort shooting a Honeymoon / couture dress session with Michelle and Jeff, London wedding clients that we happen to have photographed their wedding the day before we left for Aruba. While photographing in the water a sun-seeker with a gentle smile approached me and asked me for my card.  I said, “I’m not from Aruba.”  He replied, “That’s OK.  Either are we, but we just got engaged and like what you are doing.  Did we see you at the Gold Mine ruins two days ago?”  Well I was surprised he recognized us, we talked for a bit and gave him our card.

A few month later back at the studio I received an email from Tony and Linda.  I honestly didn’t think we would hear from them but that is just the way our trip to Aruba went (Remember we also photographed an extra wedding while there too.  That’s another story).  Needless to say we are shooting their wedding in Aruba the same week this year (July 4, 2011).  Be sure to follow the fun on facebook.  But before the wedding fun we had to do an engagement session.  Tony and Linda are from North Carolina.  During a conversation we learned that, like us, they are food and wine lovers and have been to Niagara on the Lake and loved it.  So we suggested they fly up here for and engagement session back in Niagara.  We planned this last October and I assured them that the first week of May would be perfect for all the fruit trees popping with colourful Spring blossoms.  As you know, this was a terrible spring with everything being behind schedule.  Needless to say we found one orchard on the second day of shooting that was filled with white flowers.  I’ll start the gallery with that shot.  It’s also one of Trish’s favourites.

Ravine Vineyard is a new winery to us so we had to stop in.  What do you know?  Along with some great wines and a summer kitchen that had an incredible grilled vegtable sandwich, we found this great old truck.  I have to thank Ravine Vineyard for letting us photograph on the property.  So please do not abuse Ravine and for sure buy wine if you do use their property.  Between Tony and Linda and us we bought four bottles.  Make sure to try their Petrus like wine.

This image we could not resist.  It was shortly after Will and Kate’s wedding and BeauChapeau Hat Shop in downtown Niagara on the Lake had the perfect wedding themed window dressing.  We noticed it when we drove in Friday night  and that we wanted to do something with that window.  So with our belts a little loosened from our incredible dinner (see below).  We set up some flash and produced this image.  Thank you BeauChapeau for having the perfect window for our night shot, the Tux and Gown are perfect.

Our last shot on Sunday was at Southbrook Vineyard.  Every time Trish and I head to Niagara their long blue wall always catches our eye.  We thought this is where we would do our night shot because it is always lit up at night, but then found the hat shop.  As luck would have it.  Tony had brought some traditional engagement attire that he had made while doing work in Vietnam.  As soon as we saw them we knew the wall would be the perfect backdrop.  I love the colours from the grass and dandelions to the fuchsia in Linda’s outfit.

Also, I have to thank Southbrook Vineyard for letting us photograph on the property too.  They were extremely gracious.  Not all wineries are this co operative.  I understand that they don’t want bus loads of weddings crashing their Saturday’s when they are selling lots of wines.  So please do not abuse Southbrook and for sure buy wine if you do use their property.  Between Tony and Linda and us we bought three.

I’m going to sound like a snob here.. but I am a foodie.  And if you are too, then I don’t have to tell you quite possibly the best place to dine in Niagara on the Lake is Rest…Stone Road Grille.  This my third visit to Heidi and Perry Johnson’s restaurant and I’m always blown away.  They truly have served me the best appetizers in my whole life.  This time was no exception.  I could not get enough of their FOIE GRAS POUTINE… To die for!  Of course everything else was amazing  but their appetizers always surprise.

Wondering about the blog title.  Yesterday we did another engagement session at the Blue wall.  Different look and you will see it very soon.

Hope you enjoyed what you read and saw,

~Trish and Trevor

Ps.  We don’t normally spend two days with a couple doing an engagement session.  But when someone flies all the way up from NC, and are flying us to Aruba, we are not going to spend our usual 1.5 to 2 hours with them.

PPs.Tony and Linda, thank you for renting a two bedroom cottage for us all.  We had a great time with you and can’t wait for the wedding.  How about that dinner and those wineries we visited?  Maybe we should do it again next year.  It was a great Birthday for Trish and I.

PPPs. Tony and Linda both work in the fashion industry so it was no surprise they brought long the biggest wardrobe for an engagement session ever (Loved it).  Tony is the fashionista in the house and loves his name brands.  Reminds me of my friend Lawrence Chan.  Although Tony wears Omega he travels with Coach.  Perhaps we will do another blog post to show more images; there were lots.

PPPPs.  To our American readers…No, Coulourful and Favourite are not spelled wrong, it’s just how we do it up here. :) Of course WordPress keeps telling me I’m wrong.

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Aruba Couture Dress Session wraps up with a night shoot in the ocean.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

World Cup celebration ends up in the Caribbean Ocean

Before we headed to Aruba we did lots of research on all the interesting features of the island.  We knew of the caves, the beaches, the California light house, Downtown Oranjestad, baby beach and the city marina.  But we’re not big sports fans so we didn’t even think about the World Cup and the effect it could have on a Couture dress session.  That’s what we love about weddings and new places, the unexpected.

Aruba is one of the Dutch Islands.  Aruba is also just off the coast of Venezuela just north of  Brazil, so you can imagine the excitement the we fell upon when the game that day for the World Cup was Holland vs. Brazil and we were downtown Oranjestad.  Unless we were in Holland, I don’t think we could find more orange soccer jerseys anywhere than there.  Just as we came out of the marina the game ended and downtown interrupted in cheers and orange everywhere. It made for a pretty cool back drop so we start today’s gallery with a couple images from there.  The gallery skips around the island to a session in front of the Sunspree Holiday Inn where we were staying, to the California Lighthouse and the Italian restaurant, La Trattoria – El Farro Blanco that the wedding reception was at.  Finally our day wrapped up in the ocean for a late night time dip.

As much as Tabitha was so beautiful in her dresses and all the locations, we have to give kudos to Adam.  In all our years I have never met a Groom who was so willing to pose and be in love in front of a camera for so long.  I have to admit, it was a long day.  We started at 10:00 am and finshed at 10:00 at night.  Of course we did have a nice lunch and a break at dinner, but it really showed how much he loved Tabitha and how well he understood how much it meant to her.  Well done Adam!

I think these maybe some of my favourite images from the day.  I love the off camera flash technique on the beach, at the restaurant and under water in the night portraits in the ocean (not the pool).

Your Aruba wedding photographers,

Trish and Trevor

3 Brides in Aruba = 3 very unique Couture Dress Sessions…here is our third Bride

Monday, January 17th, 2011

RIU Palace Aruba | Couture Dress Session

If you have been following our blog and our week in Aruba from the beginning of July, you have heard the story of how the stars were aligned for Trish and I.  Not only did we photograph the wonderful couple (Tabitha and Adam) that flew us to Aruba to cover their wedding, but while at the resort we met another couple from Toronto (Aileen and Ryan) which resulted in us photographing their wedding.

Well it did not end there!  A week or so before we left for Aruba we had our standard pre-wedding meeting with Michelle and Jeff.  They were getting married the Saturday before we flew to Aruba.  Of course, prior to that meeting on facebook I had been counting down the days to Aruba in excitement  so most of our friends and clients new what we were up to.  Near the end of our meeting Michelle says to us.  “Oh, by the way.  We’re going to be in Aruba at he same time as you guys for our Honeymoon.”  I’m sure Trish and I’s jaws dropped and then huge smiles appeared on our faces.  We couldn’t believe that we would have two brides on the same island (little did we know at that point there would be a third), and as it turned out, 4 resorts away.  Well we insisted that Michelle bring her wedding dress and we would do more photos.

So let me introduce you to Michelle and Jeff.  A very genuine couple and Jeff is a business neighbor of ours.  They honeymooned at the luxurious and architecturally stunning RIU Palace.  We met them for a short session on the beach in front of the RIU Palace one morning and then back that same evening to create some twilight images.  We hope you like them.  The RIU has an infinity pool where the water falls off the edge.  It was a great location to use with the main building in the back ground.

(Their wedding photography will be up soon, but first I have to finish with our Aruba adventure.)

Thanks Michelle and Jeff for bringing your wedding dress on your Honeymoon and being so open to anything.  You guys rocked.

Your Aruba Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor

PS.  Thanks to the the Girls at for sending us to Aruba with the cool umbrella.  It was handy in the bright hot sun and the colour was complimentary to the ocean.

There’s something about Adam.

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Aruba Wedding Photography

Baby Beach & Guadirikiri Caves Aruba | Couture Dress Session

So far you have seen Tabitha and Adam get married on Malmok Beach, have a reception dinner at La Trattoria el Faro Blanco near the California Lighthouse, and start into their day after “Couture Dress Session” which was not just an hour or two session but lasted all day.  In this blog post we catch up with them while we headed to Baby Beach.  Along the drive I happen to notice this great little dock near the side of the road.  We stopped and created these great images.  Next we were off to Baby Beach.  But before we arrived we stopped at a beach side restaurant for lunch.  It was here Tabitha told us the interesting story of how her and Adam hooked up.  Long story short, when she was dating her previous boyfriend she told him right from the beginning that if Adam ever became available to date he was history.  Well that day came and I think she said that her, soon to be, ex-boyfriend even drove her to her first date with Adam.  What an effect Adam had on a girl he wasn’t even dating.  So as the post is titled “There’s Something About Adam”.

After lunch we headed to Baby Beach.  It is a beautiful beach with shallow crystal clear waters and away from the main tourist areas.  Here Tabitha slipped into one of her dresses that was more informal and beach wedding like.  We all got in the water and had lots of fun.

From there we headed to the Guadirikiri Caves.  They are incredible underground caves with porthole like opening that filter the light down into the caverns.  They were spectacular and hot with the stillest air movement I have ever experienced.  Needless to say we had Tabitha put on her more formal gown.  She was a trooper as we spent about an hour inside the hot caves with bats flying around us.

We hope you like our adventure with them.  Next week we will conclude our adventure with them at a couple more locations around the island ending back at the resort for our in water session with the whole bridal party.

Your Destination Wedding Photographers,

Trish and Trevor

On the side of the road on the way to Baby Beach

Aileen and Ryan bring Class and Style to the RIU Palace Aruba

Friday, January 7th, 2011

RIU Palace Aruba | Couture Dress Session

Aileen has an infectious smile, and Ryan has a laugh that rivals that.  They are two people who genuinely love life, adore and respect not only each other but the people they choose to surround themselves with, and appreciate the style & elegance of the finer things in life. It was an obvious and natural choice to take Aileen and Ryan to the most luxurious resort, in Aruba, the Riu Palace, a place which is synonymous with style and elegance to photograph their post wedding couture dress session..  Being in such an amazing location architecturally, and with two amazing individuals in love, beautiful things are bound to happen.  Not only did we capture the beauty of Aileen’s dress, but without the anticipation, stress and time constraints of their wedding day, we were able to really see their love for each other shine.

Rarely have we felt so appreciated at a wedding – being introduced to their family and friends as the photographers who “saved their wedding” was truly humbling.  We were delighted to be able to share our passion for creativity and gift of vision with you.  Thank you Aileen and Ryan, we genuinely appreciate that you opened up your world to us and allowed us to share in your story of life and love.  Being appreciated is one of the best feelings in the world.  Thank you.

P.S.  I encourage you to tell someone today know how much you genuinely appreciate them.



Ps. Brides, if your wondering, Aileen’s unique hair adornment was created for her by Twigs and Honey from Portland, OR.

Pss.  Click here to see their Aruba beach wedding.

Aruba Couture Dress Session RUINED!!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Aruba Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins | Couture Dress session

Beauty can be found in many forms.  A beautiful blue ocean, a white sandy beach, a pile of rocks????  Well, the rocks at the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins -Aruba ruins are spectacular, as the random rocks arrange into the patterned building material of the ruin walls.  They are even more spectacular when they are highlighted with a beautiful bride such as Tabitha wearing one of the TWO extra wedding dresses she brought with her to Aruba.

A few days after Tabitha and Adam’s wedding, Trish and I rented a Jeep and drove all over Aruba to photograph Tabitha and Adam in some more interesting locations.  We call this our “Couture Dress Session”.  It’s like a “Trash the Dress”  session but with a more positive feel, no time constraints or the stresses of a wedding.  Although we weren’t too concerned about the dress, we were not out to destroy it.

Here is a tip for Brides thinking about booking a “Couture Dress Session” and don’t want to put your wedding dress at risk.  In Ingersoll there is a wedding gown shop called “Sew Stylish Wedding Works“.  When Tabitha wanted to do a a Couture Dress session in Aruba but did not want to harm her expensive dress, I suggested we check out the lower level of Sew Stylish.  I knew they had dresses down there that were drastically reduced.  I went shopping with her and she ended up buying two extra dresses to take to Aruba.  Why?  Because they were so reasonably priced.  The two dresses we picked out were very different.  One very  breezy and beach like and one very traditional and formal but the best thing was the price.  I believe one was $75 (which you will see featured at another location) and the one, featured in the Gold Mills ruins, was $100.00.  SMART BRIDE!!!   Both were in perfect condition, just old stock but they were perfect for our Couture Dress Session!

Check back soon to see other images from the different location around the island.  The Guadirikiri Caves were incredible.


Your Aruba wedding photographers,

Trish and Trevor