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Great Nash Diamond Dash wrap up.

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The Great Nash Diamond Dash

Just under a month ago we had an amazing day covering the Great Nash Diamond Dash.  In the last blog post we highlighted the winners Brooke and Mitch with a video that concentrated on them along with pictures of the whole event.  Now we have the video ready that covers the whole event.

Are you in it?

Congratulation again to Mitch & Brooke!

Everyone else, enjoy the video and we will see you next year.

Trish and Trevor

$14,000 Diamond found in London.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

The Great Nash Diamond Dash

Could Saturday, April 9th, 2011 have been a better day to get engaged?

Ask Brooke and she’ll say, “No!”.

After out-playing 299 other couples Brooke and Mitch scored highest in the challenges during the scavenger hunt put on by Nash Jewellers.

I have to say, Trish and I had so much fun Saturday running around downtown London.  Couples in Diamond Dash blue shirts were scurrying all over downtown London looking for answers to text message clues they would receive on their cell phones.  As we followed them around, to document the fun as the game unfolded, we found ourselves in the ballroom at the Delta Armouries, running around the statue in Victoria Park, drooling over the Rolexes and Lazare diamonds at Nash Jewellers, starring at paintings and graffiti for answers, watching participants fish pennies out of stockings at Libro, peering through the periscope at Novacks and enjoying an after game drink at Jim Bob Ray’s.  It was here we all gathered to find out who the winners were.

The excitement grew as the first three prizes were given away.  Great prizes from Novacks and Steam Whitsle.  Then the last three.  Diamond Earrings, a Diamond Pendant and the finally, the $14000.00 1 kt. Lazare diamond ring from Nash Jewellers.  The crowd was silent as they called the winners cell phone, instead of saying their name, and from the side of the stage there was the most excited scream as Brooke’s cell phone rang in her hand.

The next few minutes were a blur for us and I’m sure for Brooke and Mitch as before any one could finish cheering for the lucky winners, Mitch was down on one knee doing something I’m sure he never thought he would be doing that day in front of hundreds of people.  As the crowd calmed down Mitch quickly said the magical words, “Will you marry Me?”  with the most beautiful diamond ring in his hands.  Of course we all know Brooke said, “Yes” and the rest is history.

Thank you Colin Nash for including us in the coverage for this fun event.  We can’t wait for next year.

We interviewed a few of the 300 couples that attended during registration.  As luck had it, we interviewed Brooke and Mitch before the Dash started.  Here is a rough cut of their day.  The amazing thing about being a photographer is knowing that we have captured history in the making as a family starts.  Brooke and Mitch’s kids are going to love watching this.  How many kids can say they saw Dad propose to Mom and see their first kiss as an engaged couple.

Good luck in the future Brooke and Mitch.

Cultural Infusion throughout this Outdoor May Wedding at Elsie Perrin Williams Estate

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Elsie Perrin Williams Estate Wedding

What a great way to start the Spring Wedding Season last year!  Paula and Daryl are obviously from different cultures.  Paula is of  Portuguese decent and Daryl is of Scottish background.  What a great combination for a wedding celebration.  A beautiful day and night of fine wine and ale.  And lets not forget about the food.  Delectable treats made by Paula’s family and an incredible dinner catered by Aroma Mediterranean Restaurant .  All set to the back drop of the beautiful Elsie Perrin Williams Estate.  Paula was stunning in her fitted dress from Ballets of London and Daryl in his traditional Scottish Kilt .  I can still remember her checking the window every minute, waiting for Daryl to arrive so she could give him the first of three surprises that day.  The first was her new hair style by Salon Trends which featured shorter hair than he would have expected.  She looked incredible.

See for yourself.  The Elsie Perrin Williams Estate was the perfect venue for them to bind their love for each other and we had the pleasure of recording it for them.  The Mediterranean influences on the estate’s architecture was just perfect to photograph Paula.  I personally love the balcony images Trish created.

Thank you Paula and Daryl.

Trish and Trevor,

Custom Concept Photography

Curious about the details????



221 Wharncliffe Road South
London, ON N6J 2L2
(519) 434-1275

Alterations at Red Thread Creations – London


Cairngorm Scottish Imports

1825 Avenue Road
North York, ON M5M 3Z4
(416) 782-5227


Gammage Flowers

747 Waterloo Street
London, ON N6A 3W2
(519) 438-4114

Cake? Family

Reception Location?

Elsie Perrin Williams Estate

101 Windermere Road
London, ON N6G 2J4
(519) 432-6620

Officiant?   Retired


Aroma Mediterranean Restaurant

215 Piccadilly Street
London, ON N6A 1S2
(519) 435-0616

Invitation designer? They designed their own invitations

Make up?

Efetto Donna – Toronto


Salon Trend – London

(519) 439-7217

317 Adelaide St S London, ON , N5Z3L3


Ben Lampkin – Ingersoll